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Medicine Cricket

The Jack Cox Tournament is a Twenty 20 competition between the University of Oxford departments held every summer (May to August). Matches are played in the evenings at Balliol Sports Ground accessed via the University Club on Mansfield Road close to the centre of Oxford. There are two trophies to be won. The Jack Cox Cup and the Jack Cox Plate. The home page of the Jack Cox can be found here.

The tournament usually has 14-16 teams divided into groups and proceeds through a group stage before entering the final knockout stages. In 2017 there were 15 teams divided into 3 groups. The 3 group winners and 5 best runners up went into the Jack Cox Cup quarter-finals, followed by semi-finals and a Cup final. The remaining teams went into the Jack Cox Plate quarter-finals, Plate semi-finals and Plate final.

Bowlers are restricted to 3 overs each and batsmen must retire at 30 but can return at the end of the innings if the rest of their team are out. These restrictions ensure a high level of player participation and successful teams must have depth in their bowling and batting ability. Detailed rules can be found on the Jack Cox website. Matches are played on an artificial wicket (no spikes allowed).

The University Club serves food and drinks for post-match refreshments. The Medicine Cricket team have won the Jack Cox Cup 8 times since 2000 (info correct up to end of 2017).